Looking for a certificate attestation for Dubai?

Dubai – a dynamic business destination as well as a tourist paradise remains flocked by all kinds of visitors, tourists, immigrants and travelers. No matter whether you are here for educational purpose, employment, or any other reason, Visa Stamping is mandatory. To make this happen and prove the genuinity of your document process of “Attestation” is required. Attestation proves the credentials of your certificates. Attestation of your original certificates proves to be valid in Gulf countries for getting Employment Visa, Family Visa, and Dependant visa, Trade Visa from Labour department of UAE.

In common parlance any undertaking by a single party or agreement between two or more parties would require an attestation. The documents that requires a valid attestation includes, marriage certificates, educational certificates, withdrawal of partnership, clearance certificates etc. To regulate this, the Consulate General of India in Dubai caters to the attestation needs to Indians and Foreigners. The services are facilitated through an outsource agency IVS.

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Note: The attestation procedure and duration varies from time to time depending upon the rules as assigned in India

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What strikes to your mind when you hear the word Attestation? May be a tiresome process with lot of legal formalities with no assurance of time factor. Yes this is something which has raised a question mark to the reliability and trustworthiness of all those attestation service providers. It is therefore quite a necessary thing to choose a reliable attestation company with a decent track record and huge client base. Arabian Attestation & Travels remains a name you can trust with its years of experience in providing attestation services to all types of customers and clients.

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Attestation as we all know is mandatory for stating the validity of the document. Mostly required while applying for job visa, family visa, student visa or starting any business in foreign countries. The process of attestation requires the original copy of the certificate which needs to be attested along with a copy of the certificate.

The process of attestation does require a minimum of 10 days before it finally gets the nod from the embassy and other government institutions. We at Arabian Attestation & Travels makes sure you get the assured attestation service with timely delivery of all document without any tamper or damage. Just give us a call or write us a mail for all query regarding attestation and our customer service professionals will get in touch with you.