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Marriage Certificate Attestation

If you are planning to apply for a family visa abroad then attestation of your marriage certificate is mandatory. It is first required to attest the marriage certificate in the country where the marriage was solemnized and later attest the certificate by the country where you are applying for the family visa. One must know that Without a valid attestation you can't get a family visa.

Like any another attestation process for getting family visa in foreign countries, marriage certificate attestation too is a key element to prove the authentication of the marriage and not stating it void. Whereas in some countries there may be some restrictions for applying for a family visa, like if one has to apply for a family visa in UAE then the salary scale of the applicant needs to be AED 4000 to be eligible for a family visa.

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Documents Required For Marriage Certificate Attestation

  • Original Documents
  • Passport Copy
  • Copy of your Aadhar
  • passport-size photos
  • Visa Copy

Procedures of marriage certificate attestation:

Marriage certificate attestation is a crucial process that verifies the authenticity of a marriage certificate for use internationally. The procedures involved can vary slightly depending on the country and the specific requirements of the destination where the certificate is to be used. Typically, the following steps outline a generalized process:

  1. Firstly, the marriage certificate must be issued by the competent authority in the country where the marriage took place. This certificate serves as the primary document that will undergo attestation.
  2. The next step involves notarization of the marriage certificate by a local notary public or a similar authority. This step ensures that the document is genuine and legally valid.
  3. After notarization, the certificate usually needs to be authenticated by the government department responsible for foreign affairs or external affairs in the issuing country. This department verifies the signature and seal of the notary or other issuing authority.
  4. Once the certificate has been authenticated locally, it may require further attestation by the embassy or consulate of the country where the certificate will be used. This step ensures that the document meets the specific legal requirements of the destination country.
  5. Finally, some countries may also require the certificate to be translated into the official language of the destination country and then attested by a competent authority in that country.

Overall, marriage certificate attestation is a meticulous process designed to validate the document's authenticity and ensure its acceptance in foreign jurisdictions for various purposes such as residency, immigration, or spousal sponsorship.

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